Apple Festival

Known and revered throughout Ohio and beyond, the perfect fall festival, the quintessential homecoming event. The Jackson Apple Festival has been welcoming people into Jackson from near and far for 74 years and has become one of the largest and most respected festivals in Ohio. While there have been many changes over the years, still there are many things that are still the same, the reason why so many Jackson natives who have left the home of their youth come home every year the third week in September so they and now their families can enjoy the Apple Festival once more.

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Jackson Downtown Association

The Jackson Downtown Association organizes First Thursdays as an opportunity for residents and visitors to visit downtown businesses during extended hours.

The group is made up of business owners, community leaders, and interested citizens with a mission to promote historic downtown Jackson, Ohio through planned events such as “First Thursday” each month. They encourage residents and potential visitors to shop, eat, drink, and visit the downtown area and to support and encourage local business.

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Jackson Chamber

Board Members

Officers and Board of Directors

William Cole

Susan Daniels


Brandon McGhee

Past President

Rick McNelly

Karisa DeLay


Michelle Baxter

Toria Brown

Robin Scaggs

Bobbi Stepp

Marsha Baisden

Kelly Wiley

Ryan Wright