Membership Benefits

We’re Working Harder Than Ever to Promote Your Business!

Our Goals

The goal of the Jackson Area Chamber Of Commerce is to provide opportunities and benefits that will help our members gain the greatest return on their investment.  Through specialized events, social media and marketing, and networking the success of our members is our focus. We want to help create a unified effort which helps both the residential and business community grow together. Plus, we want to use the collective voice of the business community to reach beyond our borders, knowing growth and stability in our region will also bring growth and stability to our member community. With the power of one, we can accomplish great things together and make Jackson an even better place to work, have a business, have fun and raise a family.

Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance

In January, 2020, the chamber aligned itself with the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) to provide additional benefits to our members. The three benefit areas are:

Health Insurance – The Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) has teamed up with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to create a new health program that can lead to more rate stability — and it could offer potential savings for groups with 50 or fewer employees. This self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) lets smaller employers join together to share in the overall claims risk. By being part of a larger, self-funded pool, employers have financial protection backed by Anthem’s stop loss coverage.

Dental Insurance – Superior Dental Care offers specially rated dental plans to members of participating Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA) Chambers of Commerce. These plans are available to groups with 2-50 enrolled employees as well as sole proprietors. 

 Legal protection – SOCA offers legal protection under LegalShield. They offer three levels of protection, depending on the business size and can offer consultations on a number of issues. 

Workers Compensation

Through CareWorks, chamber members are offered the opportunity to participate in group rating plans which can save an employer money on its workers compensation costs. 

Changing With The Times

Obviously, things have changed since the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1911 when Ohioan William Howard Taft was President Of The United States. We must always be adjusting to the world today and that is why every day we work to adapt to the ever-changing times to best meet the needs of our members.

We have an aggressive strategy for innovative ways to promote of our members.

Regional Outreach

Since 2000, the Jackson Area Chamber Of Commerce has played an active role not only in participation, but in the leadership as well. In 2020, the chamber’s executive director was serving as the executive committee chairman of the 11-county Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission, only the second non-county commissioner to hold the post in the last 50 years; was chairman of the Re-Industrialization Committee of the Southern Ohio Diversification Initiative (SODI), which is leading the redevelopment of the former Piketon Atomic Energy Plant; and also served as treasurer of the 24-county Ohio’s Appalchain Country tourism marketing organization. Jackson can and should be viewed as a southern Ohio regional destination, just like its surrounding county seats, and with this active participation beyond our borders, it is certainly moving in that direction.

A Voice For You

There is a saying that there is strength in numbers. As a collective voice for business and its betterment, the Chamber is there to be the voice of its membership. Many times, government and community leaders do not fully understand the complex needs of the business community, and the Chamber can help to bridge that gap.

Good Reasons To Locate In Jackson

There are a bevy of very solid reasons to locate your business in Jackson. Jackson County is truly in the middle of every place. Jackson is within a one-day’s drive of two-thirds of America’s population. Jackson is within a two-hour, four-lane highway drive of seven interstate highways (when U. S. 35 is fully upgraded in West Virginia in late 2020), that connect with all of America. All of the county’s schools have been constructed new or fully remodeled since 2000 and lie within less than two-hours of Ohio State University, Ohio University, Marshall University, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, University of Rio Grande and Shawnee State University. Healthcare is also prominent in the county with Holzer Health System and Holzer Medical Center, Adena Health System and Kings Daughters.