Utilities and Real Estate

Jackson County offers a variety of housing options that are sure to please anyone’s lifestyle and price range. New housing developments have arisen in the areas surrounding the city of Jackson in recent years, yet the old-style traditional large houses along South Street in the county seat give a flavor of the historic past while highlighting the community’s tradition.

The diversity of housing opportunities, from apartments, condominiums, homes, retirement living, urban or rural, is plentiful within the county. Along with the continuing new housing developments, Jackson County is a most suitable location for anyone moving to the area. The following real estate agencies are committed to finding a Jackson county home that’s right for you.

Appalachia Realty

Century Homes Holley & Associates

ERA Martin & Associates

Kelly Wiley Realty

Donna Summers Realty

Mountain Meadow Estates

Access to utilities is plentiful in Jackson County. The city of Jackson serves citizens within its limits, plus additional selective areas not only with sewer, water and garbage collection, but also electrical distribution to serve the needs of the community. The city of Jackson serves a total of over 4,000 utility customers. Water is also available in many of the rural regions of the county through the Jackson County Water Company. The company serves approximately 5,200 customers throughout the county. Some areas in the southern portion of the county are served by the Scioto Water Company. Electrical service is also available through American Electric Power and the Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative. Natural gas is provided through the transmission lines of Columbia Natural Gas Company.