Current Dues Schedule

How Do I Become a Jackson Area Chamber Member? 

The investment to belong to the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce varies depending on the size of the company or business. For a vast majority of members, dues are based on your number of full-time employees (two part-time employees count toward one full-time employee.) Dues are payable on an annual basis. The dues schedule is subject to change by a vote of the Board of Directors. 

The following outlines the current dues schedule: 

dues schedule.PNG

CATEGORY I- Automotive service stations, auto repair, wholesalers, personal service businesses, retailers

CATEGORY II– Construction, hotels and motels, apartments, mobile home parks, transportation, restaurants

CATEGORY III– Accountants, financial, doctors, layers, engineers, insurance, real estate, manufacturers, media, utilities

** Individuals may join at a rate of $50.00 per year. Non-Profit Organizations may join at a rate of $60.00 per year.